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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 27, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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on the job. oakland's new chief - anne kirkpatrick - front and center - on her plans to deal with a department suffering from recent scandals and a city with a deep history of soaring violent crime. sot/tc: 11 chief anne kirkpatrick/oakland police dept. q. tes; what is a part of her first one hundred days: - first one hundred days - what are some of your goals? 3 primary goals, organization excellence, reduction of crimes and restoratio of building a community - restoring relationships.track: her job - not an easy one - especially concerning restoring the public's faith with the department. in the last year alone, the department went through 3 chiefs. it dealt with a sex scandal involving this woman - an underaged daughter of an oakland dispatcher. several officers were caught exchanging racists text messages. sot/tc: tes: we have heard you do not mince words - i do not. they want to know what is expected of
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them. chief kirkpatrick says one way to make sure officers know what is expected is by transforming the department. sot/tc: i don't belief in reform, i belief in transforming the culture. that effets everyone. bottom line, she says all of her actions will focus on making oakland safer for everyone. sot/tc: 1:33 larry reid/oakland city council member . many of my constuitents don't believe it is safe. oakland city council members says - he believes the chief has a tough job ahead of her. he says he worries about the many shootings and sideshows putting the city's residents lifes in danger. tes - on cam - 1:54 there was a small reception after the swearing in ceremony, kirkpatrick attended, but then - immediately aferwards she left to met her new command staff, wasting no time, to put happening now... a
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big debate tonight - on whether a convicted sex offender should legally be allowed on websites like facebook. a north carolina man, convicted of predatory behavior is taking this fight all the way to the supreme court. and now experts say he could have a strong case. chance seales has the latest. olly moverley's 12-year-old daughter georgie has her own tablet and a very concerned mother. we periodically do a spot checkplus, olly installed an app to give her a full readout of georgie's activities.olly moverley / mother of threewe get a download every week of what she's been usingthe major concern in their home like many others . isn't necessarily what the child is doing.but áwho is contacting the child.anyone can make up a name, an age, an address, and on they go. one such case is lester packingham of north
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carolina.he was convicted in 2002 of taking indecent liberties with a minor.then in 2009, a new state law prohibited sex offenders from accessing sites like facebook, youtube and new york times, which have online forums, where people interact.when packingham was caught with a facebook account in 2010, he was arrested.he's now challenging that ban . saying it's a violation of his first amendment rights and taking his case all the way to the supreme court on monday.what's unclear, and i think the law is still trying to figure this out, is where sex offenders can be online.stephen balkam of the family online safety institute -- sees too many parents taking a hands-off approach.parents are using digital devices as nannies. child safety experts tell parents to be in the know, talk to your kids all the time, but going too far could hurt open communication. friend and follow your kids, but don't stalk them online. if you stalk them, they're more likely to go underground. every parent we spoke with said child molesters should be barred from social media.but georgetown law professor rebecca tushnet ácould see the court overturning at outright
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ban."if i had to guess, i would expect they'd strike this down, because it is so far-reachinginstead, experts think the court might find a middle ground, like requiring sexual predators to give their online passwords to probation officers.'they can check in, sort of like a parent might demand their child's passwords as a condition. and that's certainly less restrictive than saying that if you access facebook at all you go to jail. at the supreme court, i'm chance seales. the supreme court did hear arguments today regaring packingham's case... at least five justices suggested they'd rule in his favor.. we'll monitor the story and bring you any updates..
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a big hike in defense spending means big cuts elsewhere under president trump's budget. coming up after the break. we break down the president's new budget plan - that he will submit to congress in a few weeks. then, a man plows through a mardi gras parade crowd over the weekend - injuring several people. we'll tell you how the city of new orleans is responding.
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breaking news stories - at 5:30.
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this budget will be a public safety and national security budgetpresident trump outlines how he'll spend our tax money. it's good news for the pentagon.not so good for the environmental protection agency and other domestic programs. steve aveson is here to break down the numbers.
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under the rough outline released today, 58 percent of the trillion=dollar budget will go to the military.that's nearly 60 cents out of every dollar you pay in taxes. president donald trump: "my budget puts america first." president trump ratcheting up defense spending ... asking for an additional 54 billion dollars.that's a ten percent increase "...a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the united states of america at a time we most need it." nat sound the u=s already spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined.the money will be offset by a 54 billion dollar cut in domestic spending. "it's the largest proposed reduction since the early years of the reagan administrationthe money is more than the entire budgets of the state department and environment protection agency combined . "we're going to do more with less. we're going to do more with less and make the government lean and accountable to the people."the president is expected provide additional specifics in his
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speech to congress tomorrow. more details will come in a budget blueprint to be released on march 16th,a full budget will be out in early will include plans to reform entitlement programs, from medicare to social minority leader nancy pelosi said the proposed deep reductions could have a major effect on programs that keep the american workforce competitive.nancy pelosi "instead of acting on jobs, the trump administration has prioritized a brutal agenda to target vulnerable populations and instill fear." the pentagon also sent the president its plan to defeat isis in ten months. the proposed options include putting more american boots on the ground in syria. they would include artillery units and front=line spotters to call in air strikes. the man who climbed trump tower in new york city in august has pleaded guilty todaybut will avoid jail time. a judge told 19-year-old
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stephen rogata... that he's prohibited from having any contact with president trump. rogatawith the help of suction cups, made it up to the 21st floor of the manhattan skyscraper last summer...before he was pulled in through a window by police. rogata say'she just wanted to meet mr.trump. he pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. dry weather will return by tomorrow for our entire area. dry conditions will then persist through the end of the
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work week, along with a warming trend. a system moving into the pacific northwest this upcoming weekend may produce light rain especially on sunday.
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big news out of new orleans...where police say it's too soon to talk about new safety rules.. that's after a man accused of drunk driving... plowed into a mardi gras parade crowd. police are now tracking down why a police report says 32 people were hit. when earlier statements had the number at 28. with 21 victims taken to the hospital and seven declining treatment. those injuries include a police lieutenant. police say the driver is 25- year-old neilson rizzuto. he's in jail with bond set at 125 thousand dollars.
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bill cosby was not
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granted a change of venue for his upcoming sexual assault trial in montgomery county, pennsylvania. but the jurors will come from another pennsylvania county to hear the trial. that was the ruling from a judge today...who says that the jury will be sequestered for the duration of the trial, which begins in june. the comedian is accused of assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. she's just one of dozens of women who have accused him of sexual abuse. cosby continues to deny all the though in a deposition in another case....hedid admit to drugging at least one woman. japanese auto parts maker takata... has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge after it schemed to conceal a deadly defect in millions of its air bag inflators. the company also agreed to pay one billion dollars for the crime.
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takata admits to hiding problems that can cause inflators to explode with too much force, hurling shrapnel into drivers and passengers. u.s. prosecutors are seeking extradition of three former takata executives from japan... to face criminal charges. still ahead... could the feud between warriors center javale mcgee and shaquille o'neal - be coming to an end? mark carpenter joins us after the break - with an update on this story - after the break.
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police in the north bay looking for some bold bandits... steve aveson is in the newsroom with what we working on for kron 4 news at six. grant... bold indeed. two robbers showed up at a san rafael building early this morning.... and stole an a-t-m. but they just didn't steal it... they riped the machine out of the building. they caused a lot damage... and tonight we have the surveillance showing how it happened we'll show you the video tonight on kron 4
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news at six. grant back to you. time now for a trip around the sports world-- a casual game of tennis turned into much more for a couple of friends last night in san francisco. we don't usually cover pickup games, but we do when it involves arguably the greatest tennis champion of all-time. mark carpenter joins us with the details. mark? talk about the surprise of a lifetime. a couple of friends are playing tennis at dolores park... and all of a sudden serena williams shows up wanting to play. what's even more amazing, there's visual proof as she documented the encounter on social media, including their reaction when she arrived "so i think they are in the middle of playing out points, i'm gonna ask if i have the winner haha what?? yes
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please!! holy crap. i won two out of three, wow, oh my god!" williams said she did this just to see how they would react... and it looks like she pulled it off pretty well. this all happened while she was taking a walk... with her fiance reddit co- founder,alexis ohanian, and the family dog. reports say the 23-time grand slam singles champion didn't play a full match because she didn't have the proper footwear, only a pair of boots. finally, we have an update to report in the feud between warriors center javale mcgee and shaquille o'neal. shaq will reportedly stop the teasing....because his mother said so. according to espn's the undefeated, shaq said his mom 'lucille'...told him to 'stop this silliness. leave him alone.' he also added, that's the end of the beef. you won't be hearing about it from my side anymore. mama has spoken.' apparently, mcgee's mother is not satisfied... and she
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feels shaq should either be suspended or fired by tnt. tensions between the big men ran high this weekend...when shaq featured mcgee on his 'shaqtin a fool' segment. mcgee responded and that led to a nasty twitter exchange...where shaq called mcgee a bum and threatened to fight him. the warriors are playing against the 76ers right now...the first of a 5-game road trip. gary radnich will have the highlights in sports at 6-45.
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dry weather will return by tomorrow for our entire area. dry conditions will then persist through the end of the work week, along with a warming trend. a system moving into the pacific northwest this upcoming weekend may produce light rain especially on sunday.
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an oscars mixup, coming up after the break - how the presenters for the biggest prize - best picture - mistakenly anounce the wrong winner. more from hollywood - next. why are you deleting these photos?
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ending no one saw last night's oscars. best la land...or...actually moonlight.l the insider's debbie matenopoulos joins us from hollywood with more on this mistifying story. i still haven't recovered. we're with the players behind the now infamous oscar moment as we go inside last night's best picture blunder! warren: and the academy award for best picture faye: you're impossible go on.. la la land guys guys no i'm sorry there's a mistake- this is not a joke moonlight has won best picture moonlight best picture emma stone; is that the craziest oscar moment of all time? crowd: yes!es: cool, guys we made history tonightemma stone mouthing "oh my god" on stage.. pretty much sums up
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the reaction around the world of that jaw dropping hollywood twist dm: it's got to be a little heartbreaking.jh: it's totally heartbreaking but we've had a nice run with this it was uh a strange way uh to arrive at the result but here we are. moonlight guy: even in my dreams this could not be true but the hell with dreams i'm done with it debbie: that moonlight moment what happened viola: you gotta tell me! what happened was: warren beatty and faye dunaway were given the wrong envelope.... look closely. it says "actress in a leading role". that award had just been given to la la land's emma stone. warren appears confused upon opening the envelope as if he was looking for a second card warren: i wasn't trying to be funnykimmel: but you were funny and oscars accounting firm price-accounting and oscars and oscars accounting firm price- waterhouse-coopers did release a statement ... promising an
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investigation. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. catherine heenan joins steve aveson with kron 4 news at six. thank you grant... we are following two breaking stories tonight... first... a bomb threat at the headquaters for the anti- defamation league has shut down several streets in downtown san francisco. we will have the latest on the sitation there. and in southern california...a small plane has crashed into a house... setting off a huge fire there. a full hour of news is next on kron 4 news at six.
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good evening... i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan... pam is on assignment. our breaking news takes us to san francisco... where police are responding to a bomb threat right now. let's get right to grant lodes. this came into the kron 4 newsroom just about 45 minutes ago... and here is what we know right now. san francisco police tell us the anti-defamation league received the threat. its headquarters are down on market street... betweet grant and kearny. few details are available... but police tweeted out to avoid the area. these pictures come from our helicopter partners at a-b- c-7....
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ááá áá the numbers are in and they are not pretty. we're talking about the damage caused by last week's devastating flooding along coyote creek in san jose. áááá the private property damage is estimated at $50 million dollars... it's 23 million for public property...kron four's rob fladeboe reports now on the effort to help people return home. áááááánats among some 350 people rescued as their homes were swamped when coyote creek
6:04 pm
over flowedlast week, hien nguyen came home monday but there wasn't much left to come to.sot hien nguyen/flood victim '.....i have to start over because about 95 percent of my belongings are ruined because they are all contaminated....' like so many of her neighbors here in the hard hit rock springs neighbord, nguyen is worried about what comes next. she wants to stay but is not sure if she can afford it. during a break from personally helping out with the clean up, mayor sam liccardo spoke about efforts to help nguyen the other flood victims get back on their feetsot sam liccardo/san jose mayor '............we'll be distributing money from the community foundation to people through groups like catholic charities, sacred heart and others and there will be some help with rent and security deposits because we know a lot of folks will need a new place to stay...'7th district city councilman tam nguyen has called on landlords to give flood victims a break on their
6:05 pm
rent. landlord chris constantin, who owns ten units in this complex, is considering that but says he has losses too.sot chris constantin/landlord '....we have apartments that are going to need new sheet rock and we'll have to replace all the appliances and carpet and cabinets etcetera....'all but a handful of the thousands of people evacuated or chased from their homes by the flood have returned now. many homes still have yellow tags, which means they are awaiting inspection while just three homes in the williams street flood zone have red tags and are considered unsafe to occupy. as city crews work to restore utilities and haul away debris, some 15-hundred volunteers have signed on to help, including christian falaou.sot christian/falao u/volunteer '...we definitely care about anyone who is in need of help abnd we are more than willing to do that....'again, that $73 million dollar figure, $50 million in private property damage and $23 millon in damage to public property is only preliminary. once more
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comprehensive inspections and assessments are complete that numberis expected to be much higher. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news a quick update on the anderson reservoir... which was a huge source of last week's flooding in san jose. the water district says it is down to 100-percent of capacity and is slowly dropping... it was actually above that mark last week and spilling over the dam. water is being released into coyote creek with the goal of getting to 68-percent of capacity. that is the mark needed so that a seismic retrofit can be done. pg&e crews are continuing their work on a transmission line tower in orinda that was damaged in a mudslide last week. the crews are working to reroute the transmision line away from the mudlside area. once that work is complete they will replace the damaged transmission tower. the cranes
6:07 pm
that were set up on hwy 24 have now been removed. pg&e says the work is not affecting service for customers. in the east bay... two major hillslides have destabilized a highly used road in contra costa county. and the problems don't stop there. several large cracks in the roadway...appear to be growing one person shows kron4's haaziq madyun the how much the cracks in the road have grown overnight "the crack was probably about this last night"so it's grown? "yes"you are looking at huge cracks in morgan territory road in clayton. the hill above and below the road are both sliding. the road has been closed and that is having an impact on residents like jennifer ljepava"yesterday i drove my car, the kind of sketchy road on morgan all the way around, it took a good, about an hour and a half"on
6:08 pm
top of that...the water service has been disrupted due to this broken main under mogan territory road, power was out too but has since been restored"having no water or power you really think about how lucky we are that we get all these amenities, where now i feel like we are kind of camping"officials at contra costa county public works say the wet weather is having an impact on finding a solution to the problem"we have gio- technical engineers out there today and they will be out there this week making some preliminary assessments and then once the slide stabilizes more then we will come up with a long term fix"but for now morgan territory road remains clayton haaziq madyun kron4news
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dry weather will return by tomorrow for our entire area. dry conditions will then persist through the end of the work week, along with a warming trend. a system moving into the pacific northwest this upcoming weekend may produce light rain especially on sunday.
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engineers and other workers are getting their best look so far at the damaged spillway at the oroville dam.... we have a new view of that spillway in el dorado county - which you'veprobably never seen before... it shows how things look -- with no water flowing through. this means that teams of geologists and engineers can take a much better look atthe damage........ they can also get a good idea of what's happening to the earth 'under' thespillway and how much it's actually eroding. one of the big projects -- removing debris -- which will bring themone step closer to restarting a power plant at the site.
6:11 pm
water authorities want the outflow completely cut off for several days...maybe a week.they want to be able to re-start an underground power plant - which is now blocked by debris. it was shut down during the high water levels.. a potential failure of the spillway prompted mass evacuations earlier this month..authorities say the problem isn't over yet -- and they're asking the public to be patient. caught on camera. bay area police release video of thieves stealing an a-t-m. the lengths they say the suspects went to pull off the crime. and a bit of surprise for some northern california residents this morning. we'll take you to one location where people woke up to snow. oakland finally has a new police chief. the changes she is promising to make to the troubled department.
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bomb threat closes market street in san francisco....
6:15 pm
we first alerted you through our kron four mobile app about this breaking news at 5-18 tonight. that is one way to stay on top of stories like this one through our push alerts. the app... it is available for free for apple and android
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devices. and with that... anne kirkpatrick is now in charge of the embattled oakland police department. she is now the fourth police chief since the beginning of june. kirkpatrick is the first female police chief to lead the opd. mayor libby schaaf praised the new chief during a special ceremony at oakland city hall. she told the gathered group that
6:17 pm
kirkpatrick was chosen because of her many years of experience and her wisdom. kirkpatrick most recently came from chicago where she was in charge of that city's department of bureau of professional standards. chief kirkpatrick is taking over during turmultous time. the city has been without a chief since july - and the city administrator has been overseeing the department. chief kirkpatrick talked with kron four about her plans to transform the department. policing.: city council member larry reid
6:18 pm
says he hopes the chief will focus on sideshows and the recent string of violent shootings. he says the chief has a tough job ahead.. we carried the chief's swearing in this morning... and one way to watch it was through the kron four mobile app. the push alert went out at 9-17. you can view live events and be the first to know about breaking news through the app. it is available for free for apple and android devices. after the swearing in... kron four caught up with alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. we asked her about a couple of big cases. she told us her office is close to wrapping up its investigation into the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people in december. they are working with electrical experts but o'malley would not reveal if they determined a cause. you may recall federal investigators never gave an official cause either. criminal charges could be filed once the d-a's office
6:19 pm
wraps up its investigation. we also got a brief update on police sex scandal that kron broke last year that led to the shakeup at the oakland police department. two officers have already entered guilty pleas... the district attorney's office says three more cases are pending right now. there are no indications that more officers could face charges in the case. quite a story out of the north bay tonight where police are looking for at least two people who stole an a-t-m this morning. they didn't just steal it... they ripped it right out of a business in san rafael. and there's video... grant lodes is here with the pictures. from what police are saying... it sounds like this was well planned??. pam and steve... san rafael police are painting quite a picture for us. first... the suspects tried to steal a trailer yesterday evening. they failed... but when it came time to try the a-t-m... a much different
6:20 pm
outcome. you are looking at video of the "marin airporter" building from about 2 a-m. a white s-u-v backs up to the building and someone gets out. and here is where that someone goes. that is a guy in a hoodie carrying some sort of rope or cable. he then ties it around the atm... after that is done... he leaves and goes back to the waiting s-u-v. it is pretty easy to guess what happens next. the vehicle yanks the a-t-m right out of the building. you see the end result from this video. this next part may be a little hard to believe considering how big an a-t-m is. san rafael police say the suspects picked the machine and loaded into the back of the s-u-v. unfortunately we do not see on this video. that is no easy task and explains why police think the two men tried to steal a trailer earlier. as for the a-t-m... it was
6:21 pm
found earlier today in richmond. the suspects that stole it... they remain on the run. steve? you might have heard a few rain drop late last night in the bay area. we can tell you that storm system that moved through dumped snow in some unexpected places. this is camino in el dorado county where they are not use to seeing snow on the ground. camino's elevation is just over 3-thousand feet. residents say the snow certainly caught them by surprise... especially hearing snow plows running at three in the morning. dry weather will return by tomorrow for our entire
6:22 pm
area. dry conditions will then persist through the end of the work week, along with a warming trend. a system moving into the pacific northwest this upcoming weekend may produce light rain especially on sunday.
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we are following breaking news tonight on kron 4.... a bomb threat has shut down a major street in san francisco... an update in about five minutes. and it is all the buzz right now. the incredible and messy end to the oscars last night.. so who's apologizing tonight? the mistake led to the wrong movie being announced as the winner.. plus we are celebrating black history month here at kron 4. we will look into some hidden history when it comes to music and introduce you to a groundbreaking classical musician. promo to
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
it's going to be awhile before people stop talking about what's probably the biggest blunder in oscars' history.... talk about
6:27 pm
the show ending with a surprise... we know it wasn't warren's fault...and you can't blame faye dunaway. price=waterhouse accounting is taking the blame -- and says it's really sorry... . you've probably seen the video by now....even if you weren't watching...."la la land" being announced as the best movie of the year..... and only after the acceptance speeches were became clearit was all a jaw-dropping mistake...and the actual winner -- was "moonlight." somehow - the wrong envelope had been handed to beatty.... it was left over from emma stone's win as best actress in la-la land. late today....people were still processing all this. including one ofthe actors from "moonlight." tonight.....most of the
6:28 pm
unofficial blame seems to be falling on accountantbrian cullinan. it's believed 'he' mistakenly handed over the wrong envelope. meantime....there's a great photo being released tonight....showingthe reaction of celebrities in the neighborhood.. stars including matt damon, michelle williams and meryl streep....looking astonished... like those of us watching at was a "what just happened???" moment. we are getting a sneak peek into president donald trump's first budget proposal. the government branch that is expected to see a big boost. and does the name "blind" tom wiggins ring a bell? the hidden history behind the classical musician who paved the way for african- americans.
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here in san jose officials have an estimate on flood damage. among some 350 people rescued as their homes were swamped when coyote creek over flowedlast week, hien nguyen came home monday but there wasn't much left to come to
6:35 pm
dry weather will return by tomorrow for our entire area. dry conditions will then persist through the end of the work week, along with a warming trend. a system moving into the pacific northwest this upcoming weekend may produce light rain especially on sunday.
6:36 pm
a couple of big stories coming out of the white house tonight. president trump is giving a glimpse into what his first budget proposal will look like. it is heavy on military spending as will as cuts to non-defense programs and foreign aid. in all, the president wants to boost the pentagon's budget by 54- billion dollars. also today... the department of defense delivered a plan to white house to defeat isis. the details of plan are not available but it has been reported it could involve ground troops in syria. president trump is set to deliver a big speech tomorrow night. it will be before a joint session of congress... what exactly it will focus on and how long it will go remains a bit of a mystery. we can tell you we will carry it live... starting at 6-m. you will see it here on kron 4... and if you are away from the television... you can get it through our website... kron 4 dot com.
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the national museum of african american history and culture in washington d.c opened in september. the building includes the intricate ironwork crafted by enslaved african americans in louisiana, south carolina, and elsewhere. inside the building you will journey through the horror of slavery to the inspiration of modern day heroes. but you'll also find stories of the hidden history of black america. the story of those who are often forgotten-- like blind tom wiggins. as travell eiland reports-- tom was a black, blind, slave and musical prodigy who astounded white america with his classical piano abilities. natsthe melody may seem simplistic... but the story behind the composer is anything but. 158 tom wiggins born in 1856 in columbus georgia --thomas green wiggins was slave... born blind with mental challenges. 300he might
6:38 pm
the world came to know him as blind tom. 207 he composed nats at the age of 3, while playing in the slave master's house.... tom found a piano and played his 5 tom was preforming for audiences around the world. 827 travell: white people were in awe of his talent?the musical prodigy was an apt title for what he could do.... he could play two melodies at one time.1857 imagine seeing that on stage you can see why the audience was astounded. tom's most famous piece was the battle of manassas.natstom heard his slave owner's son describe the confederate victory at bull run and played it on the ivory keys..... dramatizing the sound of the marching soldiers and the booming cannons..whites at the time... thought tom's music was supporting the confederate army... other slaves thought he was a traitor.after more than 40 years on stage... tom died in 1908 at the age of 59. natsalthough hidden in history... his music is still
6:39 pm
felt today. 2930 blind tom lived before audio or video recording existed--and he never wrote down his music. now classical artists are recording his work. tom's story of overcoming disabilities is featured in the book "the ballad of blind tom." the author provided some of the pictures for this story. next- we'll explain the status of donald trump's executive order on travel. what we know about the possibility of a new travel ban set to be announced as early as this week.
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no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. a federal appeals court has refused a request to put president donald trump's travel ban case on hold until he issues a new executive order.a three-judge panel didn't give an explanation today for denying the request. trump issued an executive order that temporarily banned travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries and hit pause on the u.s.
6:43 pm
refugee programtoday the trump administration hinted again - that a new travel ban order will be announced anytime -- probably this week. in sports... serena williams surprises a couple of tennis players in dolores park...... and the warriors are in philly taking on the sixers... gary has the highlights... and all the sports... coming up
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jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. the warriors in philly draymond green ready to go2nd quarterklay thompson 3- pointer 37-31 warriors3rd quartergreen steals and pass ahead to kevin durant for the dunk 69-59 warriors3rd quarter durant baseline drive and throws it over the backboard for the score 86-75 warriors
6:47 pm
4th quartergreen another steal and pass to thompson 3- pointer 96-85 warriorslater in the 4thsteph curry who was a career-worst 0-11 for three.. nice pass to green for the dunk 108-97 . an update in the feud between warriors center javale mcgee and shaquille o'nealthis weekend shaq featured mcgee on his 'shaqtin a fool' segment
6:48 pm
one of manytimes he's done so mcgee responded and that led to a nasty twitter exchange...where shaq called mcgee a bum and threatened to fight himaccording to espn's the undefeated shaq said his mom 'lucille'...told him to "stop this silliness. leave him alone.he also added, that's the end of the beef... "you won't be hearing about it from my side anymore. mama has spoken."
6:49 pm
giants and a's... in arizona... top 2nd-- a's up 2-zip....ryan
6:50 pm
healy tacks on a couple more runs with a double to deep left that makes it 4-nothing. two innings later, the giants respondbrandon belt...sends a towering shot to right... giants get on the board and would eventually tie it up. final: 5-4 a's samardiza: 1 ip, 3 hits, 2 runs 1st day of spring training for the new york mets in port lucie, florida and that meant the first day of spring training for former heisman winner and nfl quarterback tim tebowhe hit 9 home runs while taking batting practice so if nothing else he has some pop he was also leading the pack during all the sprintsthe 29-year-old who is a long shot to make the major league club signed aurtographs for every fan waiting for one after his workout serena williams is in san francisco... and had quite a surprise last night for a couple of tennis players in dolores park"so i think they are in the middle of playing out points, i'm gonna ask if i have the winner haha what?? yes please!! holy crap. i won
6:51 pm
two out of three, wow, oh my god!" williams said she did this just to see how they would react... and it looks like she pulled it off pretty well. this all she was taking a walk... with her fiance reddit co- founder,alexis ohanian, and the family dog. reports say the 23-time grand slam singles champion didn't play a full match because she didn't have the proper footwear, boots. a big honor for a local basketball legendanthony "bones" davis the 6-10 former globetrotter who was a mainstay in the san francisco pro-am and in senior leagues into his 80's was honored at his alma mater the university of hawaii this saturday when he was inducted into their "sports circle of honor"davis went in with broadcaster jim leahey and former head coach riley wallace playing in the late 50's for the school "bones" scored 45 points in hawaii's first 100-point game and was the team's leading scorer as a junior and captain as a senior"bones" now 83-years-old still lives in san francisco
6:52 pm
we will be right back!
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right back! we will be we will be right back!
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a full hour of entertainment news is on the 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ ♪ >> and the academy award for best picture -- >> they called -- >> "la la land." >> what happened? >> you've got to tell me. >> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. >> warren, what did you do? >> the oscar's best picture blunder has hollywood searching for the truth. >> it was a conspiracy. >> it's totally heartbreaking. >> the real story behind the moonlight mixup as we salute the night's first-time winners. >> and oh, captain, my captain. >> your speech brought me to tears. >> and surprised the stars with some picture-perfect kid re-creations. >> he got it right.
7:00 pm
>> plus justin's show-stopping open, the kimmel-damon feud. >> am i being played off, seriously? >> and the golden red carpet fashion trends that had us saying -- "that's my girl." ♪ ♪ >> it's hollywood's biggest night. >> and "the insider's" got you covered. now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. ♪ ♪ it was the hollywood ending no one saw coming. >> that is for sure. a city of stars getting outshined by "moonlight" in the most dramatic rose -- i mean, oscar ceremony ever. >> it was crazy. did bonnie and clyde pull off the biggest heist of all time or was it simply an honest mistake? >> we are with the players behind the now infamous oscar moments as we go inside last night's best picture blunder. >> and the academy award for best picture --


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